Our Story

Are you a parent that is always on-the-go and looking for products that will help parenthood be a little less chaotic?

Bizee Mom's mission is to help on-the-go moms in a busy world find practical and attractive products for mom, baby or toddler. 

We are based outside of Denver, Colorado with 3 young children of our own.  We have tried many useful, everyday products.  Some we have loved.  Others we have wanted to throw out of the moving minivan! 

Awesome products:  clips for a pacifier.  Trust us, after your kid learns how to throw things, that paci can become a projectile object to your head while you are driving! 

Not awesome products:  non stain-resistant bibs.  Seriously, why would you get anything non stain-resistant for a toddler!?

Our goal is to use some of our experience and provide you with products that you and your child love and that will make life easier.  Thank you for visiting Bizee Mom and we look forward to assisting you!